Hawker Hurricane Mk1 1:24 Gift Set

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Hurricane Mk1 1:24 Gift Set containing everything you need to build the model:

  • 15 x Acrylic paints (No.11-24-26-29-29-30-30-33-60-61-70-78-78-90-90)
  • 2 x Brushes
  • 2 x Poly cement

The most numerous fighter in service with the RAF at the start of the Battle of Britain, the Hawker Hurricane went on to prove itself a vital and effective fighter on all fronts of the Second World War. It came to be regarded as a rugged and reliable ground attack machine, but it was undoubtedly its’ service as a defence fighter during the Battle of Britain that forged its reputation as one of the war’s great fighters. Entering service with 111 squadron in December 1937, the original fabric wings made way for metal ones by 1939. During the Battle of Britain, the average strength of fighter command was 1.326 Hurricanes compared to 957 spitfires. It was in a Hurricane that Flt. Lt. Nicholson gained fighter commands’ only Victoria Cross of the war, downing an enemy Messerschmitt Bg110, while his own aircraft was being engulfed with flames.

After the Battle of Britain, the Hurricane went on to serve in the Far East, as well as the Desert and Eastern Front.

Scale 1:24
Skill 3
Flying Hours 3
Number of Parts 261
Dimensions (mm) L397 x W508
Age Suitability
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