BAE Sea Harrier FRS.1 and Douglas A-4P Skyhawk Dogfight Doubles Gift Set 1:72

BAE Sea Harrier FRS.1 and Douglas A-4P Skyhawk Dogfight Doubles Gift Set 1:72

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The Falklands War began on 2nd April 1982 with an Argentine invasion and occupation of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.  The British response was adamant - the Falklands were British and would be re-taken either through diplomatic negotiation, or if that failed, by force.

By 5th April, a British Task Force was underway.  With diplomatic efforts unsuccessful, the British Government resigned itself to using force to re-take the islands.  The Task Force would be protected in the air by just 28 Sea Harrier FRS1s.  These aircraft were unproven in combat and many believed that they would be outclassed by Argentina's supersonic Mirage III jet interceptors, was well as outnumbered by its larger force of combat aircraft.

The main opposition for the Sea Harriers in the conflict proved to be a small attack aircraft of the Argentine Air Force - the Pucara and the American built Douglas A4 Skyhawk.  The Mirage fighters rarely engaging the nimble Harriers.

Without protection, the ageing A4 Skyhawks suffered accordingly and while some successes were achieved by the diminutive fighter-bomber against the ships of the Task Force, eight were lost in aerial combat.  The Sea Harrier by contrast suffered no air to air losses during the conflict and ended the war a capable and proven fighter aircraft.

Paint Scheme - BAE Sea Harrier, 899 Naval Air Squadron, HMS Hermes, Air Group Falklands 1982 and A-4P Argentine Air Force, Grupo 5, 1982


  • 10 x Acrylic Paints
  • 2 x Brushes
  • Poly Cement
  • BAE Sea Harrier FRS.1: L201 x W107 - Pieces 112
  • Douglas A-4P Skyhawk: L178 x W116 - Pieces 75

 * All measurements in mm.

Airfix Gift Sets are ideal for more advanced modellers and include glue, acrylic paints and brushes. 

Scale 1:72
Skill 2
Flying Hours 2
Number of Parts 187
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